Cataloging the absurdity & tragedy of guns in our daily life

Family Matters

Man accidentally shot and killed by family member while hunting near Missoula

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"Do You Trust Me?"

19 -year old Marine dead after being shot while on duty, possibly an accidental shooting while playing a game of ‘Trust’ with fellow Marine in Washington D.C.

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Proving The Point

Gun safety instructor shoots student during class in Ohio

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Vacation's Ruined

14-year accidentally shot by his grandfather while target shooting on vacation in Racine

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Highway To Hell

Woman hit by stray bullet while driving her car in Lansing

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"Afraid To Be Outside"

7-year old girl shot in the arm in her backyard by nearby neighbor shooting at a backyard target in Michigan

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"It Needs To Stop"

10-year old girl shot by stray bullet while walking her dog in Queens

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Crotch Shot

A man accidentally shoots himself in the groin only to get arrested for stolen weapons in Schenectady

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Sticks And Stones

Video shows officer shooting an unarmed man after he calls her a “bitch” in California

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"Like A Firing Squad"

Deputies in Florida shoot man, his car and house for no apparent reason

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Tragedy On Two Wheels

Bicyclist shot and killed in broad daylight on busy street in Orlando

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Hole In One

63-year old man dies after shooting himself in the chest while cleaning his gun in Idaho

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Dirty Laundry

Man shot to death over a dispute about dirty laundry in Baltimore

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"It Wasn't Suicide"

Man accidentally and fatally shoots himself in the head while with friends in Louisiana 

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"We Are Lucky"

9-year old girl accidentally shot in the chest by her 5-year old brother in Minnesota

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